The highly specialised analytical instrumentation and expertise at LSA positions us to tackle a considerable number of applications. Below is a non-exhaustive list of applications LSA have worked on with clients.

SIMS is a powerful technique proficient in analysing semiconductors, able to depth profile materials and detect trace elements at PPM/PPB levels. This is necessary when looking for contamination/impurity analysis or doping profiles.


Elemental analysis with SEM-EDX and SIMS assists in determining the cause(s) of corrosion, along with working toward the root cause


SEM-EDX, XPS and AES can all be used to understand the failure mode of adhesion surfaces.


Elemental information about bulk materials for long element lists is achievable with SIMS and SEM-EDX.

Metals & Ceramics

SIMS can depth profile through layered coatings to give elemental information against depth for the coating layer(s).


SIMS and AES can be used to detect very low levels of elements in a large range of different materials.


The high reproducibility of SIMS means that we are able to measure samples against previously measured samples to show similarities and differences between them. It is possible to quantify amounts of elements in coatings and semiconductors, along with their thicknesses.

Process Matching

We have the capability to compare like-for-like products using our fleet of instruments at LSA, including the compositions of products and layer thicknesses.

Reverse Engineering

We have taken part in many different R&D projects throughout the last 20 years, ranging from simple fault finding exercises through to projects which have lasted numbers of years.

Research and research-and-development